Apr 13, 2021

Lauderdale Lakes FL Male Health ED PE Expert Virility Services Launched

Lauderdale Lakes, FL-based Concierge Men's Wellness launch discreet E.D and P.E treatments. The expanded services provide medical expertise from anti-aging specialists.

Apr 13, 2021

Dr Cornelia Davis Launches Epidemiologist Memoir – Real Life Medical Stories

A new book release by Dr. Cornelia Davis, ‘Risking Is Better Than Regretting, Live Without Regrets,’ has been released to give readers an inspirational journey on living life with purpose.

Apr 13, 2021

St Petersburg FL Marriage Counseling Sessions For Relationship Issues Launched

Sunshine City Counseling offers marriage counseling for couples in St. Petersburg, FL, who want to overcome relationship problems, improve empathy and communication, and become a team again.

Apr 13, 2021

Stainless Steel Bathroom Drain Protector Tub Insert Hair Catcher Product Launch

A newly updated version of the popular TubShroom product for sink protection has been launched. TubShroom Ultra is designed to provide customers with a more effective hair-catching solution.

Apr 13, 2021

Anguilla Service Trip For High School Students/Tennis Instruction Camp Announced

Tennis Central Corp announced that their new international service trip to the Island of Anguilla will take place between July 10th and July 25th, 2021. The trip is in partnership with the Anguilla Tennis Association.

Apr 13, 2021

Absolute Dental & Orthodontics Completes 2 Practice Expansions in Southern Nevada

LAS VEGAS, April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Absolute Dental Group LLC ("Absolute Dental") announced that it has completed the expansion of two practices located in Las Vegas, NV.  The practices located on the corners of Eastern & Serene and Lake Mead & Jones were both doubled in size to accommodate a growing population and an increased demand for dental services.  In addition to the physical expansion, the practices were modernized with the latest dental technology to improve the patient experience.  "These newly expanded practices are simply another example of Absolute Dental working to make patient care more accessible along with expanding specialty dental services such as orthodontics, oral surgery, and pediatric dentistry to everyone in Las Vegas", said David Drzewiecki, CEO of Absolute Dental Group LLC. About Absolute Dental GroupHeadquartered in Las Vegas Nevada, Absolute Dental is Nevada's largest branded Dental Service Organization (DSO) with 28 affiliated dental practices throughout Northern & Southern Nevada.  With practices in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Reno, and Carson City, Absolute Dental's affiliated dentists change lives one smile at a time.  Beginning with one practice in 2002, Absolute Dental has positioned itself as a leading DSO dedicated to complete oral healthcare and exceptional service for patients. Absolute's mission is to offer all dentistry in one place and provide trusted dental care to the communities that they serve. Media Contact:Julie SOURCE Absolute Dental

Apr 13, 2021

Should Companies Invest in Social Media? Award-winning Media Consultant Alaattin Cagil

The Golden Palm award-winning social media specialist and writer Alaattin Çağıl explain what should companies do before they make an investment for digital media. (PRUnderground) April 13th, 2021The Golden Palm award-winning social media specialist and writer Alaattin Çağıl explain what should companies do before they make an investment for digital media. What is the necessary information that companies should know before making an investment for digital media? Nowadays, regardless of sector companies make investments in different kind of areas because of competition. Lots of options became available for customers in the 21st century. Therefore, customer mass is changing constantly. If we need to give an example, we can mention mobile phone users. A customer can change his or her mobile phone suddenly even the user preferred the same brand for a long time. Because new mobile phones that produced by other brands might be more attractive due to developing technology. The same case occurs in digital sector which affects investments in that area. Companies should make important investments for reaching more potential customers and increasing recognizability on digital media. However, most of the companies know that the cost of digital media investments is so high. For this reason, they should learn and be aware of some subject before they do something about investment. The message that will reach to the customer should be suitable. The Golden Palm award-winning social media specialist Alaattin Cagil continue his speech with those words: ‘‘Check other options.’’ Alright, if we analyse those subject deeper or clarify the subjects one by one what can we say? A message must be suitable for the environment. I would like to tell one of the basis about the suitability of the message by using an example of the World famous Volvo Company. The reason why the Volvo Company became successful is the company used Google Cardboard which is a latest technology product, and they reached the main target by using it. The company introduced the test driving of XC90 by using Google Cardboard, and they could reach a higher number of people because they bring it to people’ home due to VR technology. The aim of the company was providing a common experience to all customers, and they used Google Cardboard for that reason. Furthermore, the company provides a wonderful 3D experience to customers, and they reached their goal. Now, let’s talk about expectation which is also an important subject. We should keep the expectations low. Google Cardboard is a virtual reality application is one of the investments which is used by great companies, and it is a good example of keeping the expectations low. However, different typed of mobile devices can benefit from the same VR application due to developing technology. The great companies may not handle with expectations of high expectations of customers. We shouldn’t forget that those technological products created for customers, not for brands. Also, technology may not be enough single-handedly. Companies might not reach their goals by using Google Cardboard every time. Companies should use some methods to direct customers to the target area when they use digital marketing. Also, think about the probability of experiences that customers had before. They might encounter some problems about Google Cardboard which is used as digital investment by so many companies. For example, an image or video isn’t displaying at the same time if the user turns his or her head. There is a time difference with milliseconds, and it may cause nausea and headache for some customers. To touch on the concept of investment, companies should consider that using Google Cardboard can be expensive when they make an investment. The viewers that provided by Google are not very expensive, but the cost of display generating can’t be underestimated. If the final product isn’t quality, the investment will be wasted. Don’t forget that even Google is one of the leading brands, there are a lot of different brands and products for the same investment. Therefore, check other variations every time.  Social media specialist, media consultant and author Alaattin Çağıl’s awards: 2016 Turkey Youth Awards – Best Social Media Phenomenon Award 2017 Phoenix Awards – Jury Prize Best Social Media Specialist 2018 Turkey Youth Awards – Best Social Media Specialist Award 2018 Golden Palm Awards – Best Media Specialist Award   About Alaattin Cagil Golden Palm Awarded Social Media Specialist The post Should Companies Invest in Social Media? Award-winning Media Consultant Alaattin Cagil first appeared on PRUnderground. Press Contact Name: Alaattin Cagil Phone: - Email: Contact Us Website: Original Press Release.

Apr 13, 2021

Fleet Cost & Care Stakes Its Claim As One Of The Most Highly Rated Fleet Software Companies In The Country

April 14, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Fleet Cost & Care, a fleet management software and consultation company, is offering its services to the crane, rigging, and heavy equipment rental industry. Its software offers enough features for the company to stake its claim as one of the best fleet software companies in the country right now. The company’s flagship products, NexGen and Atom, provide businesses the flexibility to manage their fleets as they see fit. Fleet Cost & Care’s software helps businesses automate the tasks that were once painfully slow to carry out because of their manual nature. Tasks that were carried out manually also had the tendency to be error prone. As a result, the sales and dispatch team might have spent more time cleaning up errors than doing the work that actually makes the business its revenue. Fleet Cost & Care’s robust software suite provides all the features needed to carry out a litany of tasks such as complete safety inspection checklists, take pictures, collect signatures on the job site, and many others. The company’s software keeps interoperability in mind, making it easy to integrate into any existing accounting system, with no need to overhaul processes that are already in place. This means that a business that uses Fleet Cost & Care’s fleet management software will find that carrying out tasks like sending invoices and processing payroll is much faster than before. Fleet Cost & Care understands that a business’s needs continue to evolve with time as technology progresses and opens up new avenues for generating revenue. That is why the company claims that it is growing the fleet sales software suite as its client’s requirements change. Fleet Cost & Care has factored in plans for future growth of the software. This upgrade can include switching to a newer technology stack, continuous improvement of the software’s user experience by listening to feedback from its customers, and constantly tweaking the reporting capabilities of the software to make the analytics work for the customer. Fleet Cost & Care has decades of experience in the equipment rental industry. It also has a team of over 15 software developers and product owners who leverage the company’s domain knowledge to deliver the highest quality user experience possible. Some crucial tasks that the company’s software can do for its customers are quote and schedule jobs, track assets, equipment, parts, and inventory, create work orders for service and preventative maintenance, document safety and risk management tasks, capture labor and complete payroll, conduct executive reporting, branch reporting, forecasting, and much more. Fleet Cost & Care’s Atom is a mobile fleet management app that integrates with its other solutions to give customers the flexibility to manage their system remotely. It brings convenience directly to those who are out in the field such as dispatchers, sales managers, operators, and service managers. Workers can even input their labor for the day, sending the information directly to the office staff for processing. Atom is available for both the Android and Apple ecosystems, giving the customer a choice of hardware. Atom directly syncs the work with NexGen, the company’s other flagship product that is recommended for use by office staff. This automatic sync speeds up areas that are traditionally bottlenecked because of multiple dependencies such as payroll. Atom also reduces the reliance on paperwork, as it can handle almost all processes digitally from anywhere. In a statement from the company, its president Jeff Curran says, “Our experience as fleet management consultants is deep and extensive. We are using the lessons we have learned over the years to create software that provides an end-to-end service. We want to our services to be the last piece of the puzzle that you need to excel in your business. We achieve that by not only delivering intuitive and feature rich software but also supplementing it with expert advice, and training for new customers. We strive to keep the customer experience foremost because our success depends on their success. We have done well so far and we encourage business owners to go through our list of services to see if we are a suitable match for their needs.” ###For more information about Fleet Cost & Care, contact the company here:Fleet Cost & CareJeff Curran800-281-9445marketing@fleetcostcare.com865 S. Fort St.Detroit, MI 48217ReleaseID: 60042631

Apr 13, 2021

Special Promotion Event Held for Hubei to Honor Its Heroism amid COVID-19

Beijing,China - Hubei province exhibited its resilience and strength amid the COVID-19 epidemic, as well as its remarkable economic and social development in the post-epidemic era at a special promotion event held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on April 12.     (Video:   State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the event, the first special promotion event held by the ministry after the epidemic was brought under control, and addressed the audience.   He said Hubei reported the earliest case of COVID-19 and was the first to control the epidemic, which was why the special promotion event became the largest one attended by the highest number of foreign ambassadors.   He said Hubei's fight against the epidemic was a miniature of China's efforts to combat the virus, and mirrored the country's spirit and strength. Such spirit will be recorded not only in the chapters of China's development, but also the history of mankind's fight against the novel coronavirus, he remarked.   Ying Yong, Secretary of Hubei Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), introduced at the event that the province recovered 95.6 percent of its 2019 GDP last year, despite a drastic decline of 39.2 percent in the first quarter.   The sound momentum of overall growth was maintained this year, he said, adding that the value added of industrial enterprises, each with an annual income of 20 million yuan ($3.06 million) or over, surged 99.2 percent year on year in the first two months of 2021. Besides, the province's investment, consumption, and total import and export grew 245.8 percent, 55.5 percent, and 82.5 percent, respectively in the same period, Ying noted.   Today's Hubei enjoys infinite vitality and bright prospects, said the Party head of the province.   Themed "Heroic Hubei: Reborn for New Glories," the special promotion event was also attended by Wang Xiaodong, Governor of Hubei province and Wang Zhonglin, Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Committee of the CPC.    Media Contact Contact: Han sen Email: Source: Video:

Apr 13, 2021

North Coast Financial Consultants Celebrates 21 Years of helping Ohio Families Enjoy a Successful Retirement

Parma, Ohio – North Coast Financial Consultants (NCFC), an Ohio-based retirement planning and advisory firm, is celebrating a significant milestone. This year, the firm marks its 21st service anniversary providing comprehensive retirement and financial planning, investment advice, and tax services to individuals and families in the Parma, Ohio, and surrounding areas.   Dedicated to providing comprehensive planning and individualized guidance for its clients, North Coast Financial Constants specializes in a variety of services. Some of which include retirement planning, asset protection, wealth management, social security planning, and estate planning. The firm also prides itself on having strong relationships with over a dozen insurance companies and its team of advisors and legal representatives. All of which allows NCFC to better assist their clients by giving them the options and support needed in retirement.   North Coast Financial Consultants takes a holistic and comprehensive view in following a well-defined process in order to help clients identify and achieve their retirement and other financial goals.   “It has been my privilege and honor to serve our clients for more than 20 years. To build their bright financial futures, I strongly believe that all residents of North East Ohio deserve to have unfettered access to unbiased and professional financial advice. With 21 years of experience, North Coast Financial Consultants is uniquely qualified and experienced to guide all our clients in building the best retirement paycheck and also help them determine whether early retirement is the right option for them,” said Brian Kuczynski, President of North Coast Financial Consultants.   As Brian and the NCFC team look to the future, their goal is to help more retirees and their families enjoy a successful retirement. Having conducted educational workshops for years, they are hoping to reach more retirees by expanding their educational platform to radio and streaming videos.   About Brian Kuczynski   Brian Kuczynski is the president of North Coast Financial Consultants and earned a bachelor’s degree from the prestigious John Carroll University in 1989 after he had graduated from Holy Name High School. Brian has always enjoyed working with people and treating others how you would like to be treated.   Clients like to work with Brian and North Coast Financial Consultants because both are upfront, honest, and likable. Brian spent ten years with a reputable and multi-million dollar sales company as a regional manager before aggressively pursuing his current career in the financial world. In 1999, he began his career as a retirement planner with First National Equity. He opened NCFC in October 2006.   About North Coast Financial Consultants   North Coast Financial Consultants is a locally owned and operated business in excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau and the National Ethics Association. The firm specializes in retirement planning, estate planning, and financial education, among others. The firm has a team of competent advisors and legal representation that assist its clients in several aspects of retirement, such as asset preservation, Medicaid planning, VA benefits, etc.     Media Contact Company Name: North Coast Financial Consultants Contact Person: Brian Kuczynski Email: Send Email City: Parma State: Ohio Country: United States Website:

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